Course Dates:

The Big 3 Series
Squat: 2017 Sept 2nd
Deadlift: 2017 October 7th 
Bench Press: 2017 December 10th 


Mobility Clinic 
2017: TBA


The FFTAcademy Seminar series is a great way to accelerate your knowledge and understanding in key areas of Personal Training or even your own training!


The BIG 3 - Squat, Deadlift, Bench 

Our tutors have learnt from the best in the business and are CPPS certified. This seminar series is designed to teach you about the deadlift, squat and bench press from the ground up!

We will cover an in depth review along with mobility, variations, accessory work and programming to improve your performance and technique in the BIG 3. 

You will gain a true understand of how to COACH the BIG 3.  

Mobility Clinic 


The FFTA Mobility Clinic is delivered by our Mobility WOD Practitioner qualified tutors and will provide you with an insight of how to assess and improve your clients movement, performance and longevity of training and results.

The FFTA Mobility Series will cover mobility versus stability, ankle, hip and thoracic mobility and how improving mobility around these areas can improve your BIG 3!

FFTAcademy Mobility Clinic is your number one resource to help you become PAIN FREE with SIMPLE DAILY hacks to your LIFESTYLE. 

'Optimising pain free movement'


Course Cost - £30