Benefits Of Functional Bag Training

It's a privilege to have a guest blog this week from my very good friend and FFTAcademy Tutor, Andrew, of Valhalla Warrior. Andrew recently taught a very successful Functional Bag Course for us at Gold's Gym, Dubia. We have teamed up with Functional Fitness Supply UAE and are both very passionate about raising the standards fo training and education in Dubai and UAE. Hope you enjoy the blog and can get in touch with any questions you may have for Andrew at his contact details below. Enjoy :)

"I was fortunate enough to receive a telephone call from my friend and owner of the best personal Training education business in Wales, The Fitness Factory Training Academy. 'Mate do me a favour can you teach a Bulgarian/Functional Bag course next weekend, it’s in Dubai?'

Sometimes opportunity literally does fall into your lap. Of course I accepted who wouldn’t accept an all expenses paid trip to Dubai. I’d never been before I had no plans that weekend it was timed perfectly.

Now not having much time to prep for the course was not a problem, I am a big fan of functional bag training having used it a lot with professional fighters and sports people and in my own training. The bags can come in various sizes and are often linked to your scale weight. So if you weight up to 49 kgs you would have a 5kg bag , 49kg to 68kg you would use a 7.7-8kg bag , 68kg to 86kg would be 12kg bag, 95kg up to 113 kg would be a 17kg bag and the heavy bags 23 kg plus would be for experienced or advanced athletes.

The beauty of these bags is that it breaks with tradition of singular plane of motion training. We use the bags in spinning, pulling, swinging , squatting, jumping , rotating movements . Thus increasing the muscular endurance of grip strength, shoulders, wrist, arms, back, legs and rotational muscles. Recent studies have suggested that the functional bags can increase your metabolic rates higher than traditional weight training and cardiovascular training . The reason behind this is that combines both energy systems in one workout. These bags are great for increasing joint mobility. I have had many years of shoulder issues but I have suffered zero pain using these bags. Infact my dumbbell shoulder press has increased due to my usage of these bags as has my deadlift mainly due to my grip strength now resembling that of a man and not a eight year old girl. Same thing goes for my pull ups.

That’s a pretty cool selling point, train with these functional bags and increase your squat, deadlift , bench and pull ups. It’s a shame gym folk are not educated to see the benefits of these beyond just squats, lunges and shoulder press. Apart from strength gains the other key benefit I believe is that the bags offer variety and fun. Most guys in the gym never truly get out of training hypertrophy . They train body part split programs 3-6 sets of 8-12 reps for years and wonder why they don’t get better results. Try adding a metabolic cricuit of functional bags on the end of a workout. Something like; 30 snatches 30 arm throws 30 spins 30 snatch lunges 30 arm throw spin combo. It’s brutal workout which will leave you wanting more. So to sum it all up this bag can benefit you if your currently in rehabilitation, strength phase, leaning phase, a beginner or advanced gym goer. Give the bag a go this week and post images or videos to Yours in strength V.W"

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