The Power of Habits

The New Year is an opportunity for a fresh start and as a personal trainer it is your job to teach and coach habits that set your clients up for success. But why do so many people still fail on their promise?

Quite simply they try gong from ZERO to HERO in just a few days and make drastic changes to their lifestyle and in the process set goals which leave them frustrated and stuck in the same rut.

Real health and fitness is earned over a period of months and years. Lasting change is made gradually, in small increments, in a way that yoiu can sustain for life.

At FFTAcademy we teach our personal trainers the importance of building one habit at a time. If you introduce one new habit a week for 12 weeks you will be amazed by the results. As a personal trainer this a great strategy which sets you and your clients up for long term success.

So today you have the `FFTAcademy 10 habits of fit and healthy humans’.

[if !supportLists]1. Drink a cold glass of water first thing every morning. This should be done before your morning coffee and breakfast. Before you check facebook or emails. After sleeping for 8 hours or body needs hydrating which instantly helps your metabolic function. I guarantee you will start each morning instantly feeling healthier and invigorated.

2. Get moving first thing in the morning. Now I don’t mean set your alarm at 4:30 and go for a 10k run. Just set aside 5 mins after your water to just get moving. You could stretch your hip flexors, open up your spine by simple stretching and perform 5 squats. Your body is then alert and switched on for the day.

3. Start the day with a healthy breakfast. If you want to stay lean and energised through the day then please ditch the carbs at breakfast, at this time in the morning your body wants to store them, so feed your body a good serving of protein and good fats.

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4. Take a fish oil and Vitamin D. Yes it is that simple. This will instantly make you a healthier person who has better joints, a healthier heart, better skin, reduced risk of diabetes, lower body fat and be in a better mood.

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5. Train 3 times a week. Move daily. We start to notice great things happening if we weight train 3/4 times a week. We feel more energised and mobile if we perform 10 minutes of mobility everyday. The human body is designed to move so get moving. When we were young we crawled, walked, climbed and had fun until we learned to sit on a chair all day. It’s time to rediscover your inner child – Go and play.

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6. 80/20 rule. Healthy people understand life is not about a constant journey of diets, weight gain, diets, weight gain. They enjoy the good times in life, nice wine, good food with good company but understand the other 35 meals in the week should contain a good source of protein and healthy vegetables, then the other 5 can be enjoyed guilt free. *** Also don't underestimate the power of food journals for accontability and success.

7. Don’t beat yourself up about one bad meal. One good meal doesn’t make you super fit just as one bad meal doesn’t make you super fat. BUT if you have a bad meal it stops there, no reason to eat badly for the rest of the week or until Monday!

Enjoy your bad meal, move on and make the next meal healthy.

8. It’s a long life journey. Healthy people realise there is no finishing line. Exercise is not a magic pill that gets it’s looking good for 4 weeks of the year. It keeps us healthy for every decade we are alive. So we can move pain free and not have to talk medication daily.

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9. Focus on strength. Strength is the most underrated benefit of training. If you focus on becoming stronger you become less prone to injury, feel more confident and also start to look better. Lift weights. Eat well. LOOK GOOD.

10. Become a GOAL hound. A common theme with people who achieve success be it in business, health or life is GOALS. They write daily GOALS and long term GOALS. Each step they take is with a long term GOAL in sight understanding that it is a process.

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* Jessica Ennis planning 4 years ahead to the 2016 Olympics

Being healthy takes some level of dedication and discipline in your life. This becomes a lot easier when you have a GOAL to work towards. So there you have 10 habits that will set your personal training clients up for success in 2016.

Fitness Factory Training Academy is committed to raising the standard of fitness professionals within Wales and Cardiff by offering a superb learner experience, hands on coaching and continued support and development throughout your personal training career.

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