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What a weekend.



  1. the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

"the organization had lost its vision and direction"


imagination, creativity, creative power, inventiveness, innovation,inspiration, intuition, perceptiveness, perception, breadth of view,foresight, insight, far-sightedness, prescience, discernment,awareness, penetration, shrewdness, sharpness, cleverness

At FFTAcademy our definition of success is waking up every morning and working on your vision. We have been working on our vision the last two years and even longer in my mind. To see this unfold in front of you is a special feeling and last weekend was exactly how we imagined the academy to be.

Great students in a great facility, all hungry to learn and get outside their comfort zone and face a challenge head on.

We want our students to leave our courses with a sense of achievement and accomplishment and then have fire in their belly to build a better future. We truly are passionate about raising the standards of the fitness industry in Wales. A welsh company who has taken on the mission to develop every Personal Trainer and give them every opportunity to succeed. Last week we lived our VISION. So what was so special about last weekend? The students of course.

Without a great bunch of friendly, determined and motivated group of people our vision would not be possible. Every student attacked their challenges with gusto and a sense of ‘I will not let me team mates down.’ So let’s take a look at some of the highlights. The FFTAcademy Personal Training Weekend 1 is designed in a way to test your mental resolve and physically capabilities. We take the students through an array of CV fitness tests and strength tests. We also learn how to assess movement, posture and how this impacts exercise technique. We introduce students to trigger point therapy and SMR techniques that can enhance movement based on their movement screen.

We learn the importance of motivational interviewing and why it is so important to establish emotional goals. We want to know the WHY behind the GOAL. As we have already said we could not make this possible without an amazing group of students and a special thank you to Morgan Williams who is our resident Welsh Rower.

Morgan led a fantastic technique workshop that really helped our students understanding of how important it is to develop sound and efficient rowing technique.

The competitiveness of our students made the entire weekend feel like the FFTAcademy Olympics as personal bests were being achieved in all the tests.

As always we start the testing element of the weekend with aerobic and lactate endurance testing. We always gauge the student’s willingness to participate and what test they want to use, however, once the gauntlet has been thrown down they end up attacking all the tests! The 1.5 mile run Cooper test of 12 min Vo2Max run are the first challenges thrown up this gives the students first-hand experience of how their clients will feel in the same situation. This is important (never give your clients anything you are not will to experience yourself. Josh ‘the machine’ Davies attacking his 1.5 cooper test.

This is then followed by the lactate endurance test on the concept 2 rower and then the BIG test. The 500m row test. This is a great test for the lactate energy system and if you have done this before you know it is a test that you will have to mentally push yourself as well as physically Our Welsh rower getting himself ready for the pain cave.

The females of the group were not to be outdone with some equally good 500m row times achieved. Its is fair to say that the CV Fitness Testing day was a success.

Day 2 started with the vertical jump and standing long jump with the group split into two groups. This gave the day an ‘Olympic’ feel as the students early tried to out jump each other and there were some impressive displays of power recorded.

Then it was time for the Prowler Test. This is the test where you can find yourself and lose yourself. Load the prowler with 30kg and push for as many metres as possible in 2 mins. You can’t fully describe this test until you have done it yourself and not one student turned the challenge down. It is the type of test that the ‘mind gives in before the body!’

It was the final day and the students who all super eager for the 1RM testing day. It was time to life heavy shit off the floor! The big 3 were tested – bench, deadlift and squat. Morgan hit a few PBs most notably a very comfortable 155kg Deadlift.

Hazel Wallace @thefoodmedic hit a very impressive PB on her 1RM Squat and quickly informed her lifting coach.

Mary and Kelly tested the BIG 3 for the first time and achieved BW deadlifts. What an achievement.

Bobbie Evans hit some impressive numbers on the squat and deadlift and brought such an amazing energy to the course (casually pulling 100kg).

After all the excitement of lifting heavy shit and smashing PB’s the students broke for lunch. The entire afternoon session was dedicated to postural assessment, range of movement testing, FMS and how to improve movement and mobility.

As we said what a weekend! We are striving to make these weekend consistent so we can keep living our vision and mission. TO IMPROVE THE STANDARDS OF THE FITNESS INDUSTRY IN WALES. If you want to be part of our mission get in touch today or head to You can also check out what our students said about the weekend below. FFTAcademy firmly believes that the fitness industry is being left short and that students are just seen as cash cows. It is time for training providers to stand tall and provide a service their students deserve. Currently students are:

1) Not getting value for money. 2) Not being taught the basic fundamentals of exercise technique. 3) Not being challenged to get outside your comfort zone (this is where the magic happens). 4) Not getting the business support needed to start in the industry. 5) Not being taught with a genuine passion to be industry ready from day 1.

6) Not getting adequate teaching time .

7) Not being taught by passionate tutors who are still striving to make the industry a better one. ‘Follow your passion with Wales’ No1 Training Provider’


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