personal training courses Cardiff
personal training courses Cardiff

Leigh is very passionate about the fitness industry after embarking on a career change from financial accounting 8 years ago and that decision has taken him on a fantastic journey though the UK, Middle East, Asia and Europe.

It is now his goal to pass on the knowledge that he has acquired through education and coaching.

During his time in the Middle East Leigh was part of a ground breaking project to deliver industry accredited training qualifications to leading gym providers in the UAE and was proud to have positively improved fitness and education standards across the Middle East.

The project energised Leigh to pursue a career as a tutor in the UK and in the last 4 years has worked with the leading companies in the industry. 

Leigh has also delivered courses in Dubai and Singapore and always looks to pass this experience on to his students.


It is now his passion to improve the standard of education in Wales through the Fitness Factory Training Academy.



Mike Parsons first qualified as a personal trainer in 2002. A career defining knee injury playing rugby for Caerphilly RFC changed his focus from his own training to that of helping people change their lives. 


The Fitness Factory Cardiff, established by Mike in 2007, has changed the health and lifestyle of clients from all over Wales.


Mikes loves the diversity that his day brings, as he spends his time training elite level athletes and up to 40 hours per week of personal training. 


Fitness Factory Cardiff, has hosted the likes of Cardiff City, Cardiff Blues, Cardiff RFC and is now the home of The Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Team.

Mike has been the strength and conditioning coach for the Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Team for the past 5 years.


In that time the time the Devils were world record holders for the most consecutive winning streak (Guinness book of records) and current Challenge Cup Champions 2015.

Mike has vast experience training professional athelets and running one of Wales' most sucessful training facilities. 

His mission is now to help FFTAcademy students achieve their goals in the fitness industry.



Mike Parsons Director and Tutor

Leigh Withers Director and Tutor

"Leardership is the ability to get extraordinary achievements from ordinary people."

Karla Donaldson Tutor and Assessor 

Karla has both personal and professional experience to share with students about how empowering and life changing health and fitness can be.


As a Commonwealth Swimmer Karla has continually pushed the boundaries of her own abilities and now hopes to empower students to do the same through the Fitness Factory Training Academy.


Karla took up a career in health and fitness in 2002 after retiring from swimming. Working in both private and public sector, Karla has worked from operational positions, such a gym instructor, Exercise Referral Instructor and group fitness instructor, through to management, with a plethora of qualifications along the way.


Working as a Tutor is where Karla truly feels at home. Working over the past two years for major training companies has given Karla the drive for a new career, moving into the teaching role, from management, on a regular basis in 2015.

From 13 years in the fitness industry.


Karla now wants to impart some invaluable knowledge with students to help them find the magic in the industry that she believes makes it one of the most rewarding to be part of.

personal training courses Cardiff